[can pregnant woman eat screw meat? ]

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Go up in diet screw flesh is to belong to a kind of commonner seafood type, screw flesh not only mouthfeel is delicious, and among them nutrition value is rich, love by popular, and during pregnant woman is pregnant, the need on food adds an attention more, and screw flesh is to belong to a kind of benthos, the flesh may contain a bacterium character, pregnant woman needs discreet edible, OK at ordinary times as far as possible little edible, much attention is healthy.

Can pregnant woman eat screw meat?

Can pregnant woman eat screw meat?

Pregnant woman careful eat screw meat.

Pregnant woman careful the reason of screw having the of great capacity: Belong to mollusc1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Abdominal foot or leg kind. Originate in sea floor of coastal shallow sea, be in the majority with Shandong, Liaoning, Heibei, produce period in 5 ~ in August. Outline of conch conch brim submits all directions form slightly, big and firm thick, housing is as high as 10 centimeters or so, snail layer 6 class, apricot pink color is inside housing mouth, have pearl burnish. Snail flesh richness is exquisite, flavour is delicious, element has ” Pan Zhongming bead ” beautiful praise. It contains a lot ofthe amino acid with albumen egg, vitamin and indispensible human body and microelement, the natural animal sex with the high protein that is a model, low adipose, tall qualitative calcium health food. Although conch silk nutrition is rich, but the face contains a large number of helminth, if do not have,be cleaned clean or thoroughly cook boil fully. One a bit biology enters system inside, stay inside body between chairman, cause menace to the mother’s body and baby.

Pregnant woman has the method of screw flesh correctly: Eat less as far as possible, perhaps replace with other sea product. Best oneself buy processing coming home to be thoroughlied cook neatly, adequately eat again, avoid helminth to enter system inside.

What cannot pregnant woman eat food

Be pregnant what cannot eat? Pregnant woman serves as special crowd, should take seriously not only strengthen nutrition, right amount the food that eats some of nutrition to abound, and to cooking of prandial structure, food, dietetic hygiene and food1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Choose to wait for a respect, also want very attention, during be pregnant if do not pay attention to balanced nutrition, not only fetal grow arrearage development is undesirable, mom is postpartum more frail also. Increasing nutrition is not to eat more more, pay attention to the balanced nutrition in food however. Pregnant woman eats the following food to need to notice during be pregnant:

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1, wine: Alcohol is to bring about fetal deformation and intellective and low main factor. Pregnant woman should prohibit drinking during be pregnant, the beverage that contains alcohol part and food also had better not eat.

Can pregnant woman eat screw meat?

2, overmuch candy: The candy metabolization inside human body can consume calcium in great quantities, the development with the devoid easy fetal tooth, skeletal influence of pregnancy calcium. Candy is not basic nutrient material, Shanghai night net

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And the candy branch that absorbs excessive is builtFall in love with the seaForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Overweight into pregnant woman.

3, gourmet powder: The component of gourmet powder is glutamic acid natrium, eat those who pass to be able to affect zinc more to absorb, go against fetal neurological development.

4, souse food: Although this kind of food is delicate, but Bi of third of embedded nitrite, benzene, very adverse to the body.

5, the provision that contains coffeine: Pregnant female does not pass the beverage of much more drinkable coffee, tea and other caffein and provision. Coffeine serves as a kind of material that can affect female physiology to change, the scale of female, progestational hormone inside female body can be changed on certain level, affect oosperm to be worn in intrauterine secondhand thereby bed and development.

Can pregnant woman eat screw meat?

6, all sorts of ” pollute ” food: Answer to choose fresh and natural food as far as possible, avoid edible to contain the provision of additive agent for food, pigment, antiseptic, cooked food. The fruit want abluent hind the food that ability edible is pregnant easily, remain in order to avoid agriculture chemical.

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