[the nutrient composition of coconut milk]

Article introduction

Coconut milk is drunk rise flavour pleasant is sweet, nutrition is rich, a lot of people love to drink coconut milk, coconut milk is good to the stomach, can be good at stomach, can make human body diuresis, average person can drink coconut milk, diabetic perhaps to hypertension patient cannot drink coconut milk, coco contains a lot ofhigh protein, still have fructose, dextrose, adipose, the nutrient element such as the vitamin, what does the nutrient composition of coconut milk have? 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Next we understand fall.

The battalion nurturance of coconut milk is divided

One. Nutrient value

Coco flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, enter stomach, lienal, large intestine classics.

2. Effect

Benefiting taste, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, diuresis, kill insect; Can use at children the disease such as accumulating of infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites, tapeworm.

3. No-no crowd

Diet of hypertensive, diabetic.

The battalion nurturance of coconut milk is divided

4. Appropriate crowd

Average crowd all but edible, coco appellation is quite much, have ” Xu Ye ” , ” all a surname ” , ” jump over Wang Tou ” wait for another namer.

Coco, it is the fructification of coco, be by1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Outer comprise for fibrous carapace, offer peace keeping of coco skin fine embedded the big nut that can feed thick flesh to pledge. When fruit is fresh, have clear liquid, call coconut juice. Originate in intertropical area.

Coconut juice and coconut flesh contain E of a large number of protein, fructose, dextrose, cane sugar, adipose, vitamin B1, vitamin, vitamin C, Potassium, calcic, magnesium. Coconut is incarnadine Bai Ruyu, scent slips fragile; Coconut juice is cool and refreshingFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Gan Tian.

Juice of coconut flesh, coco is old little all the delicate beautiful fruit of appropriate. Long-term and drinkable, can complement the fluid inside human body cell, enhance metabolism, and can augment blood capacity, the disease-resistant capacity that can increase human body and moist, whitened the skin.

5. The nutrient value of coco

1. mineral

Coconut milk contains rich Potassium, magnesium to wait mineral, its become likeness of the fluid inside dispenses cell, can correct dehydration and electrolyte disorder, achieve the effect of diuresis detumescence.

2. coconut oil

The oil content of coconut flesh is about 35% , the bases in oil is acid of the last of the ten Heavenly Stems, palmy acidFall in love with the sea

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, acid of oleic acid, bay, fatty acid, free fatty acid and a variety of steriod mellow material. These material have the effect of dermatosis of compensatory airframe nutrition, hairdressing, prevention and cure.

3. is medium catenary fatty acid

Catenary fatty acid needs a few minutes to be able to from bowel directly only in epithelial absorb, repass liver portal vein enters haemal circulation. In addition, catenary fatty acid still can protect liver to avoid the enroach on at alcohol in, enhance immune system fight phlogistic reaction.

4. protein

Coconut meat contains a lot ofprotein. Because contain quantity of heat and adipose amount tall, because this increases to the hope,weight is mixed exercise sarcous person to have profit very much. Although,coco is offerred energy, provide benefit to body appearance with a variety of means, include bate skin, decreaseLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Little lines, control dander, and maintain scalp and hair health to wait.

5. bay acid

Coconut meat contains bay acid, because this can resist,alvine path helminth affects a variety of bacteria causing disease such as AIDS infection. This also is it can resist effectively the reason place of infection.

6. microelement

Additionally coconut milk contains carbohydrate, adipose, protein, grow hormone, vitamin and the many microelement with indispensible human body, often drinkable, can beneficial person effort, the fluid inside compensatory cell, augment blood capacity, moist skin, have be stationed in Yan Meirong action.

7. fierce, phosphor, Potassium wait

Coco is the optimal origin of manganese, and include this kinds 60% are mineralA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Qualitative day proposal intake. It still contains the proposal iron intake of 11% , the phosphor of 9% and the Potassium of 8% . In addition, coconut meat still includes zinc, the other micronutrient such as calcium and magnesium.

8. iodine

Coco also supports thyroid function and can help precaution strumous, because itself includes iodine.

The nutrition of coco pink value

6. Nutrient element

The nutrient element such as C of 18 kinds of when coco pink contains a lot ofhuman body place to need amino acid, calcic, zinc, manganese, iron, vitamin. Often eat place of nutrition of OK and balanced human body to need, raise intake of human body nutrition, enhance power of human body immunity.

1. vitamin E

Rich vitamin E is contained to be able to retain female youth vigor inside coco pink, rich zinc can promote girl growth, the circulatory system of magnesian ameliorable old people.

2. vitamin B a group of things with common features with C

The vitamin that contains in coco pink B a group of things with common features and C are natural filling agent, especially vitamin C, contain fight oxidation component, in be contacted with sunlight play neutralizes the effect of free radical, stimulative metabolism, avoid the generation of shading and fleck, the dark heavy phenomenon that change skin becomes poor circularly because of blood and appears, make skin beautiful white; can promote collagen albumen and bounce fiber second birth, update old old cell is corneous, add skin smooth.

7. The quantity of heat of coco

Every (80 grams) coconut silk includes about 241 caloric quantity of heat, and among them 224 calorie are come from adipose. Adipose among them 24% it is saturated and adipose, the others by sheet not saturated and adipose comprise with Omega-6 fatty acid, because this is right,human body health has profit very much. Coconut meat does not contain cholesterol, and have 16 milligram natrium only. Every coco flesh still has 12 to overcome carbohydrate and 3 grams protein, contain 7 grams fiber and 5 grams sugar additionally.

The battalion nurturance of coconut milk is divided

Coco is one of a few kinds of fruits with highest quantity of heat, it is contained rich carbohydrate, adipose with potassium, its carbohydrate is monose more, to alleviating quickly hypoglycemia symptom is helpful. And coco contains saturation adipose, the quantity of heat of 241 kilocalorie is contained inside the coco of every 100g, it is carbohydrate is mixed for the most part among them adipose, the friend that wants to reduce weight so takes less as far as possible.

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