[what drug does scalp folliculitis take? ]

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Often somebody occurrence scalp is scratchy, aglow, and still appear a lot of little red a knot in one’s heart, actually commonly wool bursa agnail causes this kind of condition, scalp folliculitis is a kind of commonner disease, scalp folliculitisA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The wool bursa infection that is scalp causes, serious may accompany the appearance that has running water, most scalp folliculitis is fungus infection is caused, what drug does that scalp folliculitis take? Scalp uses folliculitis to need to fight the medicaments that fungus affects when cure.

What drug does scalp folliculitis take?

How to diagnose a headFur bursa is phlogistic

Scalp has small circle or spot of elliptic scar sex it is thus clear that piece, have all round wool bursa pustular. When the hair falls off, pustular afterwards with erythema, final erythema disappears stay have scar. Purulent mark can appear in crows, companion has Sao to itch, but normally derelict become aware symptom. Damage but slowly to four all round expand, also can not expand, still be flake.

Beard ministry often begins from the area before ear of a side sex, but ministry of Nie of bureau be confined to, also can expand downward mental ministry or expand up reach scalp to occipitalia two side. Can be two side sex occasionally. Later period brim is papula of appearance of Brown or gules lupus or purulent afterbirth. Scar can be sex of scar a knot in one’s heart.

The symptom of the scalp folliculitis that some patients appear will be more serious, at the same time armpit hair and pubic hair also can appear a few symptoms, also can serve as the whole body medium one part and be put into trouble. Crus, ministry and upper limbs are very few and alone be put into trouble, but the be put into trouble when can be equal with beard, hair, armpit hair and pubic hair.

Abscess of wool bursa sex has a lot of neuter bead cells, reach in wool bursa and sweat gland before long there is the granulation swollen soak that gives priority to with lymphocyte all round its, often have cell of quite proportional oar, see afterbirth of large and small occasionally. See a surname of wool bursa incomplete only in scar area.

Trichomadesis sex folliculitis can be diagnosed according to the characteristic establish of leather damage. Lupus of bald hair of sex of trichomadesis sex folliculitis and favus, scar, common differentiate, check appraisal through pathology when necessary.

Sweet clew: Avoid smoke, wine reachs acrimony and exciting food, wait like green, garlic, leek, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, chili, cassia bark.

What drug does scalp folliculitis take?

Folliculitis nurses detail and dietary note

Folliculitis symptom and life nurse detail:

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Rise first for what agree with wool bursa mouth red enrichs sexual papula or by wool bursa sex pustular sore is begun, rapid development evolves into papule afterLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The gender is pustular, intermediate perforative hair, blush has inflammation all around, then is dry and scabby, be taken off via 1 week of scab about and heal, but also have break out repeatedly, do not heal for years, some also can develop to be affected for what be in greatly, form furuncle, carbuncle to wait, do not leave scar commonly. Rash amount is more, isolated medicinal powder in, spend ache gently self-consciously. Basically happen at in the adultLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Bushy place, good in children hair at the head, its rash sometimes but mutual confluence, after healing, can stay have spot of flake shape bald hair.

What drug does scalp folliculitis take?

Nurse note:

One, what should folliculitis patient notice in daily lifeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

1, notice cutaneous cleanness is wholesome, avoid the stimulation of harmful material. Adjust gastric bowel function, maintain defecate unobstructed.

2, should avoid to scratch catch wait for stimulation. SpecialLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Not be the head, you Wumao sends much, sebaceous glands and sweat gland richer, fecal much also, should maintain clean sanitation more so.

3, maintain the life to have the rule and buoyant, avoid mental insecurity.

2, should notice on folliculitis food what

1, avoid is fat, hot and dry food () of food of fat, deepfry.

2, avoid surfeit candy and adipose and rich food, be like liver kind, the flesh kind, the acidity food such as onion.

3, appropriate feeds basic material more, be like fresh vegetable, fruit.

4, the food that appropriate eats vitamin E to abound more, wait like hemp of dish of celery, three-colored amaranth, spinach, medlar, mustard, day lily, Hei Zhi.

5, appropriate eats more contain the bone glue that sticks albumen to pledge much food, soup of the bone that be like an ox, chop soup.

6, smoke, wine and acrimony and exciting food, wait like green, garlic, leek, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, chili, cassia bark.

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