[? The practice encyclopedia of boiler bake in a pan]

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Believe everybody has had boiler brand in the life! The person of very much northern region also calls boiler bake in a pan fried dumpling, stew the iron bowl dish of on one caldron namely, sneak away on the edge too again next on a few steamed bun, the steamed bun steamed bread that such doing come out tastes not only taste is particularly good, andA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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And still can choose make it fragile fragile, can do flour alsoA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Can make range of food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, the practice that iron brand introduces below encyclopedia

The practice encyclopedia of boiler bake in a pan

Advocate makings: Wheaten flour 1000g, pork 300g, leek 100g

Complementary makings: Oil (right amount)


1. prepares flour, add right amount water. Mix dough. Wake to 20 minutes.

2. leek cuts paragraphs small.

3. him meat stuffing of chop.

4. mixes meat stuffingLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Leek is put into the basin, put oil, salt, pink of the five spices, often smoke, dried shrimps, gourmet powder, mix even.

The practice encyclopedia of boiler bake in a pan

5. dough jab strip, hold tight Cheng Xiaoji child.

6. catchs up with pellicle, put chopped meat, the dumpling on the bag.

7. has been wrapped entirely.

Oil is put in 8. boiler.

9. places dumpling.

10. adds right amount water, turn small fire.

The water such as 11. is all and adust, good.

12. gives boiler.

With makings: ? Does Zhao of Di Ge sauce live does reed of ⒌ Gan turn up soil live uranous play of ⒔ fine and soft?

Measure 1

It is OK that dumpling did not say aspic dumpling and the dumpling that show a bag more

The practice encyclopedia of boiler bake in a pan

Measure 2

The dosage that panada sees him flour starch 2:1scale adds the water of 5 times next all right many a little bit also did not concern it is OK that fixed mix does not have grain equably

Measure 3

Oil is entered in boiler right amount OK can make sure every dumpling bottom has oil to if think the incrustation below boiler bake in a pan is thick,go one1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
The dot burns oil with respect to how such also more crisp is goldener put dumpling code next orderly probably size is you the below volume that domestic plate can hold is OK and additional if you are used if the size that the cake that plugs phone weighs to right now you need not provide ammunition is used bright

Measure 4

It is OK to wait for dumpling skin to become fully clear of element probably of 15 minutes of flesh probably the after if use bright internal heat 5 minutes,need not providing firepower bulk need that if you use a site,20 minutes still are a truth changes picture of medium baking temperature is

Measure 5

Last pace is carried1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Wake to want to involve fire first small1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
If the dish that the heart fastens very hot move to look for to make the same score is done not have really so appropriate also can use boiler shell but should buckle water wipe up on dumpling to turned over golden fried dumpling to if there is the age of a draught animal as shown by its teeth in the home,be finished dish either

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