[was pregnant to take medicine how to do that month]

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Pregnancy needs to always notice with medicine, because some medicaments are met when producing effect,the development to darling produces an effect. because such, the metropolis on a lot of medicaments shows gestation careful with. But some moment pregnant woman can appear a few diseases, bring about pregnant woman to must take medicine, perhaps fall in the condition that does not know oneself are pregnant, some female friends undertook medicationing, appear how should this kind of circumstance do?

 Was pregnant to take medicine how to do that month

In fetal development process, existence sends abnormal sensitive period, be from stop to arrive via 33 days be pregnant 12 weeks of this period of time. In send abnormal sensitive period, each fetal organs begin differentiation, accurate mom takes medicaments to produce serious harm probably to fetal organic development, for example: During fetal heart development if get the influence of medicaments, cause room interval, room interval possibly to be short of the congenital heart disease such as caustic.

 Was pregnant to take medicine how to do that month

In send abnormal sensitive period ” medicine having a fault ” pregnant woman is in Gao Wei gravid condition, should undertake antenatal prepotent seek advice to be diagnosed with antenatal. These examinations include to be in pregnant is inchoate (11, 13 weeks) undertake B exceeds a sieve to check, in pregnant metaphase (20, 24 weeks) undertake colour exceeds an examination. Inchoate undertake with metaphase Tang asks for a sieve integratedly to checkShanghai night net

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. In 7, 10 weeks have downy work check. In 16, 20 weeks undertake amniotic fluid puncture is checked. After be in 20 weeks, blood of OK and draw-out hilum is checked. These later period measure discover a lot of fetal deformation or development are unusual effectively, accurate mom is OK will consider to whether be withheld according to diagnosing result and doctor proposal fetal.

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Medicaments also is met to fetal influence more sensitive than sending abnormal period should small, but fetal neurological wait to still be in constant growth, after lasting to be born all the time, because this 12 Zhou Zhi hind allow mom to use remedy,still be opposite likely fetal cause certain effect, permit mother so must not do sth without authorization takes medicine, want to follow the doctor’s advice.

What is there with medical principle during be pregnant

 Was pregnant to take medicine how to do that month

1, be like OK and local with medicine effective, should avoid to use drug all over.

2, before using drug, should read in detail ” medicaments manual ” , as far as possible need not ” pregnant puerpera careful with ” and ” pregnant puerpera is no-no ” medicine.

3, the disease that is like a mother makes when fetal catch a disease, the medicaments chroma of the medicaments chroma that should choose fetal, amniotic fluid and matrix is conterminous close safe medicaments, mu Zitong is treated.

4, the remedy that should use old and extensive at pregnant woman applying, it is still difficult to avoid to use as far as possible decide pair of embryo, fetal, new student the remedy that has effect of fine of all without exception, the medicaments of only theoretic evaluation careful with.

5, close about to give birth periodForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Or when childbirth period uses drug, want to take an examination ofFall in love with the sea

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When Lv medicaments passes placenta and opposite is produced fetal reach postnatal new student influence.

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Pregnant woman does not use blame prescription drug casually, everything should be in next the doctor is directive undertaking with medicine.

7, should choose small to embryonic, fetal harm medicaments.

8, should use according to the least and effective dose, shortest effective period of treatment, avoid to be used blind large dose, for long, avoid to use drug jointly.

9, blame patient’s condition is essential, avoid to be in as far as possible gravid and inchoate with medicine.

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