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Yaricella this kind of contagion, its infectivity is exceedingly strong, itShanghai night net

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Be by banding the virus infection of sexual bleb rises, treatment must have actively after affecting yaricella when the patient so, otherwise probable meeting loses life. Because be in ancient time when yaricella is called to be smallpox again, its seriousness is very big, still need the avoid certain food that makes a patient strict, so long what does yaricella need to notice?

 Long chicken pox needs what to notice

1, it is better that some moms think yaricella goes out morer erroneously, express spotty medicine blindly to child have a thorough grasp consequently, the kill that such doing is to bring aboutA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Systemic chicken pox is concentrated, make an illness aggravating, children can feel strange it is difficult to itch bear, irritating, be caught even with the hand, light person can leave scar, the person that weigh may cause a bacterium byShanghai noble baby

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Kitchen of local feeling catch a disease enters blood to circulate, grow in blood breed causes septicemia.

2, the child that using a cortin to treat other disease, with the child that has eczema or other skin disease to be weighed quite, and the surgical children with cut larger area, more should leave no stone unturned avoids as ill as yaricella contact. Because these are ill if produced yaricella, the illness is very serious.

3, right doubtful or diagnose should undertake keeping apart for the patient of yaricella. Go to school among them or the children of start going to a nursery, can keep apart in the home commonly, in the home if have other the children that had not had yaricella, answer to additional choose resides abode or do not stay in one room together with the patient. Segregation should arrive continuously when all bleb is dry and scabby till.

 Long chicken pox needs what to notice

4, special attention does not catch broken facial bleb, lest bleb is caught to defeat fester infection, if pathological changes loss is deeper, leave scar likely. Happen to prevent this one situation, should trim nail short, maintain both hands cleanness.

5, the garment is passed to tighten by unfavorable and overmuch heavy panel, too hot perspire can make rash scratchy. After clean skin, grow the daub of lotion of local use calamine of yaricella.

6, the dress that crosses yaricella bleb fluid to the contact, bedding, towel, dressing, toy, tableware, adopt respectively according to the circumstance wash, bask in, very hot, boil, burn disinfection, and as not common as healthy person. Change even frequently at the same time wash clothes by, AShanghai Long Feng forum

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Maintain skin cleanness.

7, notice the illness changes, if discover eruption lasts,high fever is not retreated, cough asthma or vomiting, have a headache, irritating or be addicted to sleeps, answer to send a courtyard in time when convulsions.

8, the effect that airiness also has the virus in exterminating air. When the room is ventilated, want to notice to prevent patient catch cold catch cold, the room lets sunshine illuminate as far as possible, open glazing (glass is held back exterminate) of virus ultraviolet ray.

 Long chicken pox needs what to notice

9, if yaricella has have a fever case, had better be in order to put on the ice pillow, towel, much drink the way of physical allay a fever such as water. Should avoid to use aspirin kind medicaments comes allay a fever, lest produce terrible complication.

10, avoid eats the food such as acrimony fish shrimp. Yaricella patient should drink water more and supply nutrition is rich, easy digestive food, wait like milk, egg, water, vegetable.

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