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Depressed disease this kind of disease is cent spend to be spent gently and be weighed, if be to spend a patient gently to if accept dredge of a few psychology,can alleviate gradually only, it is to won’t appear even any semiotic expression, it is completely OK for the patient to this kind will improve through ego adjustment, do not need to take the therapy of any systematization, but improve without method proper motion to spending a patient again, it is to need to intervene through the outside ability can recover.

 Depressed him disease is met

Depressed disease weighs depressed obstacle again, with remarkable and abiding mood low for main and clinical feature, it is the main type of mood obstacle. Clinical and visible mood is low with its place unworthily, the depression of the mood is OK from downhearted arrive heartstricken, self-abased and depressed, pessimistic even and world-weary, can suicidal purpose or behavior; produce case of illness of part of wooden deadlocked; to have obvious worry and motility even intense; is serious personForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Can appear the mental sex symptom such as psychedelic, covet. Break out every time continuously even of at least 2 weeks of above, better is counted year, most case of illness has the tendency that breaks out repeatedly, break out every time great majority can alleviate, the part can have rudimental symptom or turn for chronic.

 Depressed him disease is met

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Main show is depressed disease the mood is long low, the mood is low and light degree seedily, distracted, frustrated, glad to do not rise. To intermediate of woebegone, careladen Chong, sullen, pessimistic despair, it is the expression with depressed disease low mood. Inherent power is lacked namely whats do not want to do, also do not know oneself want what to do, what no point.

Interest is lost light person interest drops, carry do not have interest, serious fashionable interesting dull, more and more do not wish to enter normal activity. Ego opinion is low what often say namely is self-abased, think him whats are done bad, without a single redeeming feature, the outlook is gloomy without light, compunctious and self-condemned; has the person that weigh more very person, think oneself1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Suicidal idea and behavior suicide idea are accompanying depressed mood to exist all the time almost in the brains of depressed disease patient. Just act without translate into. The suicidal rate of depressed disease patient is 20 times higher than average crowd, the disease of 15% kinds of mentallyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Ill, but patient of most depressed disease did not see psychological doctor however or doctor of mental rehabilitation family. They often because of the body square and unwell or ailment, the each family outpatient service that is in a polyclinic is begged treat, and of this kind of body unwell or ailment is brought by depressed disease however.

 Depressed him disease is met

Alleged outside source sex, it is the depressed disease that shows by external environment incident place is caused normally, the spirit such as the pressure that is the calamity in pair of setbacks, life, job and study stimulates the result that incident reacts. Neurosis of if reactivity is depressed disease, depressed sex. And inside source sex is the depressed disease that by body ” interior ” element place causes, contain apparent biologic characteristic, if genetic composition is more outstanding, it is a kind of of depressed disease common type.

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