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Article introduction

Medicaments aborts abbreviation flows for medicine, this does not need be in hospital, observe inside the hospital after taking medicaments a few hours are OK, the need before medicine flows undertakes B exceeds an examination, eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, because ectopic pregnancy cannot do medicine to flow, medical shedding needsForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Must be in stop via undertaking inside 50 days, the age also must want to be less than 34 years old, because senile lying-in woman undertakes medical shedding,have dangerous sex very much.

Does medical shedding use be in hospital

Medicaments abortion says medicine flows again, it is to point to with breath concealed (ketone of Mi Fei department piece) profess to convinced of front row mellow medicaments stops Jiamisuo inchoate and gravid. Apply extensively already at in recent years clinical, very get authority gay medicaments fights early pregnant. Be pregnant inchoate do not need a surgery, and obtain induced abortion with the method that give or take an injection or takes drug. Applied medicaments makes gravid stop, medical shedding is the newest development that comes nearly 20 years. At present commonly used medicaments is meter of ketone that be not department piece (Ru 486) combine application with prostate element, former make uterine exuviate film metamorphic bate of neck of necrotic, palace, latter makes an uterus contractive, make embryonic eduction.


Medicaments sheds antenatal note

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1, B is done to exceed an examination before medicine flows, eliminate ectopic pregnancy, know gastrula size, place, whether to suit in order to help to do medicine to flow certainly.

2, medical shedding must be to stop via 50 days of person become pregnant in, the age is in 34 years old the following.

3, body in order, without no-no card. Alleged and no-no card includes: Ever sufferred from, contracting heavier systemic sex disease, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Function of liver, kidney is not complete, allergic constitution, sao of skin of heart disease, hypertensive, anaemic, asthmatic, glaucoma, gestation is urticant wait.

Does medical shedding use be in hospital

4, the hospital that wants to have condition of emergency call processing, dilatation and curettage and requirement of blood transfusion infusion undertakes medicine flows, add observation more, in case accident.

5, medical shedding presses doctor’s advice strictly on time further consultation with a doctor nots allow to ignore in the note before medicine flows; Had become a kind of upsurge in medical shedding today, and the note before medicine flows also is very complex and necessary. AccordinglyShanghai noble baby

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, must want to understand the note before medicine flows adequately before use medicine flows.

Medicaments sheds postpartum note

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Eduction hind needs to leave examine 1 hour in the hospital. If the vagina bleeds,can not come home more rest.

2, after abortion 2 rest appropriately inside week, eat rich nutrition food, do not do hard physical labor.

3, the attention is perineal and clean, the vagina bleeds not clean when ban tub to reach sexual life

Does medical shedding use be in hospital

4, shed postpartum original 2 ~ 3 days, the vagina bleeds the quantity is equivalent to menstruation measuring commonly or slightly over menstruation quantity, if the vagina bleeds,measure very much or continuously ungodliness should see a doctor in time.

5, 2 weeks observe after the person that did not see group fabric eduction uses drug, during the attention answers when big, peeShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Have without group fabric eduction. Send make water to make gravid experiment inspection every week.

6, the likelihood after abortion restores oviposit very quickly, should take contraceptive step, lest again gravid.

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