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In the new student when just be born, umbilical cord and mom are to join together, with respect to need at that time outside force intervenes cut off umbilical cord. The umbilical cord that cut off as time gradually elapse can fall off gradually form navel small hole, it is so between umbilical cut convalescence, parents must notice not to allow a new student umbilical agnail suppurate. Generally speaking new student umbilical cord of 3 months left and right sides can fall off gradually, but do parents discover a new student doesn’t umbilical cord fall off by oneself how should do?

 New student umbilical cord does not drop a consideration

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, umbilical cord is plunged into to written guarantee, cut off, leave the damage that shows blue white to carry. After a few hours, incomplete end turns palm into white. Later gradually sere, attenuate, and become black. Fall off in end of incomplete of the hilum inside day of the 3~7 after be born commonly. The face is achieved when be being dropped at the beginning of umbilical cord aglow, a bit wet, cicatrizationed completely after a few days. Contract hemally as a result of body interior hilum later, the skin by drag in, cave and become umbilical nest, namely common says ” navel eye ” .

 New student umbilical cord does not drop a consideration

Be born in the child commonly hind 24 hours, answer to open the gauze that wrap up, wrap up no longer, what carry in order to promote umbilical incomplete is dry with fall off. When processing is umbilical, an umbilical cord is held after washing clean both hands, mention gently, with the club of alexipharmic alcohol cotton of 75% , undertake alexipharmic around umbilical root ministry, reach secretion bloodstain all erase, daily 1~2 second, in order to maintain cleanness of umbilical root ministry. In the meantime, still must change diaper frequently, avoid make water to pollute umbilical ministry. If discover umbilical root ministry has purulent sex secretion, and hilum is local and aglow, the specification has hilum phlogistic happening, should go to a hospital treating.

 New student umbilical cord does not drop a consideration

, should seasonable make a diagnosis and give treatment. (1) hilum is phlogistic: HilumForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Ministry running water or secretion of sex having pus. Umbilical annulus skin red or there is purulent sex secretion after scab of purify hilum nest. Umbilical ministry secretion has a stink, still need to be treated with antibiotic except the local disinfection, likelihood outside cleaning, should go to a hospital checking. If calorific tear is filled with the socket of eye, spirit weak, suck the breast the person that differ, still answer vigilance has without septicemia, need urgent demand medical service, cannot delay absolutely. (2) hilum granulation is swollen: Of ministry of root of the hilum after umbilical cord falls off achieve a face to suffer an eyewinker to stimulate (like scab of talcum powder, blood) or infection, in local form small granulation organization. Diameter 0.2 ~ 0.5 centimeters, the surface is wet, have a few mucous or secretion of courage and uprightness, with the passing of time does not heal. Need to use nitric acid silver-colored burn by the doctor or be scratched blow local or electric bright, if disable to answer,all can cure; commonly operation excision. (3) hilum fine and soft: After umbilical cord falls off, its achieve a face to have gules, face smooth and wet the swollen content that resembles mucous membrane kind, very resemble small polyp, have a few secretion, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Weigh umbilical fine and soft. Fine and soft of this kind of hilum and granulation are swollen different, it is organization of alvine mucous membrane, for the hangover that embryonic period yolk is in charge of. Shanghai night net

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Its treatment method and granulation are swollen identical. (4) hilum fistula: After umbilical cord falls off, there is thing of mucous membrane type in the middle of hilum, the center has opening, content of content having bowel is poured out of and contain a stink, the skin often produces erosion all round. When this is embryo, yolk canal and hilumShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The ministry is interlinked, yolk canal did not close rudimental be caused by, need be in hospital to excise cure.

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