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Human body is alar and normal temperature is controlled in 36 degrees, if exceed the word body of this temperature,may appear problem, this namely the fever that people often says. Have a fever cent is high fever and low fever two kinds, do 37 degrees calculate low fever? Alar temperature is not low fever 37 degrees, low fever is to be in 38 degrees of interval temperature of 37 degrees of the following, above. To old furniture body introduction allots the relevant knowledge that burn below, notLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Of solution will read the following.

 Do 37 degrees calculate low fever

One, does adult calculate low fever 37 degrees

Do not calculate, the normal value of temperature is a limits: The temperature below oral cavity tongue is in for 37.0(limits 36.3- – 37.2) , rectum temperature is 36.5- – 37.7(is taller than oral cavity temperature 0.3- – 0.5) , alar temperature is 36- – 37.0(is lower than oral cavity temperature 0.3- – 0. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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5) .

2, what is low fever

Low fever (Low Fever) , weigh low heat again, it is a kind of common symptom, general the low heat that we say is it is normal to show temperature exceeds, but the person that it is under 38 ℃ . Long-term low fever points to have a fever continuously two weeks of above, do not include discontinuous have a fever. The reason that causes low fever is more, want a basis clinical expression, make a thorough investigation of the pathogeny, careful is treated because of talking. Be opposite especially functional sex low fever, should eliminating implement examine is made break on the foundation of qualitative sex disease.

 Do 37 degrees calculate low fever

3, how many degrees calculate have a fever

Below normal physiology condition, morning body is spent slightly low, afternoon slightly tall. Motion, after taking food, before  woman menses or gestation temperature is tallish, and on the low side of old people temperature.

Temperature prep above is called normally calorific, 37.5 ~ are low heat 38 degrees, 38 ~ are 39 degrees in degree calorific.

If temperature checks a temperature,be 37 degrees so, so 37 degrees temperature does not calculate having a fever is to be normal value.

Rise when temperature only when more than 0.5 ℃ , ability can be called: Temperature is elevatory, but body temperature rise is not over high to be equal completely again at calorific

, e.g. : Early days of violent campaign, menstruation, gestation.

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: It is to show the airframe of human body is in send heat formerShanghai noble baby

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Below action, the adjustment that the setting of temperature adjustment centre moves on the dot and causes sexual temperature is elevatory, be worth 0.5 ℃ normally more than, if temperature is elevatory,do not exceed 38 ℃ to be low heat, 38-39 ℃ is high fever for ℃ of medium hot 39-40, more than 41 ℃ had been high fever. Be in 39 ℃ the following moment to want to begin to notice to drink water more when temperature commonly, will increase the immune capacity of human body through drinking water.

 Do 37 degrees calculate low fever

4, have a fever how many degrees eat antipyretic

In the child in growing, have a fever can saying is a kind of much disease that the child gets, after the child has a fever, hit should hang water to take medicine occasionally. AndNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Have a fever degree is children ℃ of 37.5 ℃ ~38 is calorific temperature low heat, ℃ of 38 ℃ ~39 is in hot, 39 ℃ above is high fever, more than 41 ℃ are freeboard to heat up.

If temperature does not have the word of more than 38 Celsius not to want urgent allay a fever, before diagnosing a patient’s condition especially, if the word of blind allay a fever may cover an illness, disturb the doctor diagnosis to the illness. Should be when temperature achieves 39 ℃ above below doctor guidance antifebrile.

In the patient’s fever degree did not exceed 38.5 Celsius, suit to eat antipyretic not quiteLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Content, want the method that drops in temperature with physics however, put on the ice for example apply, antifebrile stick these methods. And arrived to have a fever above of 38.5 ° C when just can be in next the doctor is directive taking antipyretic.

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