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The constitution that darling cut cicatrizations to follow darling slow is relative, and cut is affected repeatedly also can bring about cut to cicatrization slow, we should want to because choose remedial method,send cause of disease according to it. Darling cut heal is slow we suggest parents should want to use a few antiphlogistic medicine to undertake cut is handled, what and want notice cut is ventilated and wholesome, still can promote cutaneous second birth through eating a few food that contain collagen protein.

Darling cut heal is slow

1, cut infection can cause child cut heal is slow

Cut may be affected, be aimed at especially aged or year young close people cut is affected particularly easily, suggest here profess to convinced the medicaments of a few diminish inflammation, additionally unripe flesh of cut use invigorate the circulation of blood creams of post wait for medicaments.

2, with medicine undeserved meeting causes child cut heal is slow

Large dose cortin can restrain the formation of new student blood capillary, hyperplasia that becomes fiber cell and collagen synthesis apparently, quicken collagen fibrous to decompose, cause heal amine of undesirable; green mildew also has similar action, abate its combat tensile strength, the department because its can with collagen α – the aldehyde on peptide catenary base be united in wedlock, interference is formed with the cross-linking between the element inside collagen element, cause collagen fiber to lose stability, quicken collagen fibrous to divide desorption to close.

Darling cut heal is slow

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3, undesirable meeting causes local blood circulation child cut heal is slow

Good local blood assures needs nutrition and oxygen already circularly, the absorption that also is helpful for necrotic material, carry and control local infection. Conversely, affect constituent rejuvenesce rehabilitate, arrearage cut cicatrizations, for example lower limbs varicosity or the patient with arterial congee sclerotic appearance, patient of old sodden leg because local blood circulation is undesirable,difficult heal is. When should organizing haemal circulation obstacle especially, cent pressing returns its inferior oxygen to promote bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with easily to grow () of bacili of afterbirth of bud of the form that be like shuttle, can send the happening with gangrenous, tetanic temperament.

4, nutrient state can cause child cut heal is slow

Nutrient state also is the main reason that affects cut heal. The stand or fall of state of nutrient state nutrition, will direct or indirect ground affects the heal of cut. For example protein lack can decelerate new student blood-vessel to form, synthesize into fiber cell hyperplasia and collagen, at the same time influence cell gobbles up a function, reduce immune force, constituent rehabilitate is slower, cut cicatrizations not easily. Contain sulfur especially when amino acid is lacked, often cause a tissue rejuvenesce is undesirable slow perhaps, granulation organization forms suffocate suffocate. The heal speed that once vitamin C, zinc, iron is lacked in the patient’s food,waits for microelement to also can affect cut at the same time.

5, mentation can cause child cut heal is slow

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The speed that noisy cut cicatrizations. The patient lies for a long time below the undesirable mentation of depressive, nervous, angst, be damaged through causing airframe immunity function to nerve internal system, affect the heal of cut secondhand thereby. Contrary, active state of mind can be helpful for the heal of cut.

Darling cut heal is slow

The food that stimulative cut cicatrizations

1, pig hoof: ? Gou of crab of Xia  sincering feeling is bad male saddle of  of handsome ⒔ dry up lives? is short of zinc to be able to make fiber cell function drops. Albumen of much more compensatory collagen can promote the rate that cut cicatrizations.

2, balsam pear: ? Rostellum shows   glad hey saddle of male of bottle   is strong evil spirit? can strengthen huge bite cell gobble up ability, in the meantimeFall in love with the sea

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The balsam pear type in balsam pear and acrid element can be stomachic, be good at lienal appetizing, be helpful for cut restoring.

3, tomato: ? Jie enthalpy is measured evil spirit the maize jelly all round seed of tomato of? of happy few  can prevent the plaque in blood character condense; still contains red element of rich vitamin C, tomato, carotene to wait fight oxygen1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Spend part, advantageous to cut heal.

4, rainbow trout: ?   bars  You accept relatively free from contamination of Yu Qingche of dwell of  ? happy eventSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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in cold water, give priority to in order to feed piscine shrimp, can calls race Trojan. This cruelly oppress is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, without spinule, without fishy smell, high protein, low adipose, be listed in the worldFall in love with the sea

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For high-grade green food. Rainbow trout can do the raw slices of fish meat that has exoticism, appropriate is steamed, boiled in clear soup, yi Ke does float fish silk, braise in soy sauce, smoked fish, it is the food that admirable stimulative cut cicatrizations.

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