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Should have heard of the prostatitis that appears on male body, a very common urology disease that prostatitis is male of the old age in the worry. But besides prostatitis, prostate returns stone of possible meeting occurrence prostate. Prostate stone can bring about the male to appear the consequence that urethral canal jams, must treat in time so. The word of use operation intervening cure, can you cure prostate stone thoroughly?

Prostate stone operation

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The remedial means of prostate stone is very much, for instance conventional surgery is treated, via urethral excision prostate reachs stone is main way, be opposite commonly as more appropriate as young patient, if be patient of hyperplasia of calculous companion prostate. Can choose the prostate on pubic bones and stone to excise art to treat.

Small achieving an operation to treat is to compare general remedial pattern at present, use advanced equipment and technology, take out the stone of interior of patient gland system, basically be through small cut is being passed to come in calculous position the means of undergo surgery is treated. Cut is small restore fast, can choose.

Prostate stone operation

Without the cure outside starting system, it is to pass microelectronics chip to decide gland system interior writtens guarantee above allShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The specific place of stone, keep clear of next prostate is calculous, effect of calculous to affecting a gender symptom is very good, have accurate, safe, reliable characteristic, want to choose according to patient condition.

Have chronic prostatitis to companion or seminal vesicle is phlogistic, have a symptom but the patient with not serious infection, with be being treated to disease1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Be massaged with prostate and antibiotic controls a symptom, cooperate medicine of spasmolysis of road of hot water hip bath, make water to wait, in order to remove hind urethral and exciting symptom. Do X line to check regularly, observe calculous size changes.

Prostate stone operation

Have the patient of prostate hyperplasia disease to incorporating, but classics is urethral make prostate excision, can blow as far as possible at the same time except stone. Need to open a gender to the operation takes rock or excise all prostate all right when necessary.

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