[broken abdomen produces a few days to be able to leave hospital] _ analyse palace produces _ how to nurse –

Article introduction

Caesarean birth is a kind of commonner now production methods, can settle pregnant woman occurrence be difficult to do and the case that produce ache, but cut can appear on the abdomen after Caesarean birth, pregnant woman should want those who make good cut to nurse, prevent occurrence infection, and the pregnant woman of Caesarean birth cannot be pregnant more than 3 times. Commonly a week can leave hospital Caesarean birth, pregnant woman should be adjusted according to the doctor’s opinion food and rest more.

Broken abdomen produces a few days to be able to leave hospital

One, broken abdomen is postpartum how long can leave hospital

Dig abdomen is produced can leave hospital after 56 days generally speaking come home. Of course the requirement that the symptom of everybody is every different hospital is different also, it is discrepant for certain. The body can leave hospital without unusual word, recuperate well in the home.

Broken abdomen produces a few days to be able to leave hospital

2, the actor defect of Caesarean birth

1, Caesarean birth defect

(Laparotomy mixes 1) on the spirit to the mother’s body is a scar on the body.

(The new student of 2) Caesarean birth, produce breath likely embarrassed and integrated proof.

(The refreshment of the uterus after 3) art and whole body is slower than natural childbirth.

(The likelihood when 4) operation produces massive haemorrhage and deputy loss, injure organ of the other inside the abdomen, art hind produces the system such as secrete make water, heart and vessels, breath possibly alsoForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
amalgamative disease

(Although drunk accident of the hemp when 5) operation seldom happens, but happen likely.

(In 6) operation namely or do not have a thing in safety, but uterine cut happens likely after art heal is undesirable, terminal and postpartum bleed, path of celiac wall antrum is formed, cut does not cicatrization for a long time, inside alvine adhesion or uterusFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
Velar different disease.

(7) again gravid with childbirth when, be in fission from atomic palace cut likely, and happenLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Uterine burst, if original cut heal is undesirable, also need when childbirth again paunch, reason is caused farLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Period bad influence.

Broken abdomen produces a few days to be able to leave hospitalShanghai noble baby

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2, Caesarean birth advantage

(If 1) applies alternative Caesarean birth, shrink at palace the operation already applied before having notting begin, what can suffer labor pains in order to discharge a mother is bitter.

(The operation of 2) Caesarean birth points to proof clear, anaesthesia and operation are general very successful.

(3) because in recent years of security of Caesarean birth art rise, the break down of a lot of gravid and intercurrent disease and gravid and amalgamative disease is gravid, the clinician chose Caesarean birth art, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Reduced intercurrent disease and amalgamative disease to the mother influence.

(4) is unfavorable to already having the circumstance that withholds an uterus, if be affected badly, burst of not complete uterus, tumour of flesh of the much uterus that send a gender, yi Ke excises an uterus at the same time.

Of the healthy knowledge that Caesarean birth is above, general situation is Caesarean birth it is difficult labor when use, nevertheless some treasure Mom see a day give birth to a child now, caesarean birth merit is much also, still be oneself those who measure is good, medical level also is taller, caesarean birth does not have anguish, and the uterus restores fast also, shrink without palace, do not have accident happening commonly.

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