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Suffer from on nephrosis to healthy harm it is very big, need undertakes actively remedial, the sort of nephrosis is rife, some nephrosis are need undertakes dialytic, at ordinary times need notices do dialytic patient at ordinary times nevertheless all the more on food, having very much thing is cannot of edible, be opposite after edible healthy adverse, sesame seed and the seed of Job’s tears are very common thing at ordinary times, can dialytic patient eat?

 Dialytic patient can eat sesame seed and the seed of Job's tears

Can dialytic patient eat sesame seed and the seed of Job’s tears?

Dialytic patient is eatable, but had better be to eat less, not one-time eat too much.

Does dialytic patient have long-term blood what is good?

Blood is dialytic nutrient problem of the patient is very serious, nutrient state can affect a patient directly1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Survive for a long time the improvement that reachs life mass, because this should strengthen food,guidance makes a patient reasonable allocate food.

Above all dialytic patient is in respect of quantity of heat to spend attack of the energy below mobile condition gently to be 147 to 167 1000 anxious every kilogram everyday, namely 35 to 40 kilocalorieSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Every kilogram everyday, among them carbohydrate is occupied 60% to 65% , give priority to with polysaccharide. Adipose occupy 35% to 40% .

The 2nd protein, protein intake is 1.2 to 1.4 grams every kilogram everyday advisable, among them 50% above are high grade protein.

 Dialytic patient can eat sesame seed and the seed of Job's tears

Liquid of the 3rd control enters an amount, two dialytic between gain weight comes with exceeding 4% 5% advisable, water everyday quantity oneForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Kind uric quantity of a day adds 500 milliliter water before.

Of phosphor of Potassium of natrium of the 4th limitation absorb, offer low salt food, control answers to be in when anuresis come 2 grams everyday, careful feed contain the food with fast Potassium to be like dawdle, kelp, legume, lotus seed, cabbage, hot pickled mustard tuber, Xianggu mushroom, orange to wait, phosphorous intake should be controlled in 600 to 120Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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0 milligram everyday, avoid to contain the food with fast phosphor to be like fruit of whole wheat bread, pluck, dry legume, incrustation, milk powder, cheese, yoke, chocolate to wait.

The 5th vitamin and mineral, sexual vitamin loses dialytic Shi Shuirong badly, need the vitamin of fat dissolve sex such as compensatory vitamin C, folic acid AD and K are general need not additional complement, everyday calcic intake should be achieved 1000 to 1200 milligram every are overcome, divide prandial beyond medium calcium, if calcium carbonate and acetic acid are calcic,want compensatory calcic preparation commonly, protein absorbs inadequacy to be able to cause zincic shortage, the zinc that is necessary to complement to be measured certainly so.

What is blood dialytic?

Blood is dialytic, abbreviation blood is appeared, it is the most commonly used blood purifies one of methods, basically use dispersion convection function, will keep clear of the noxiousness material in blood, dispersion is to be below Brownian movement action, solute moves from a side with the low concentration of one side direction with the half high concentration that show film, film is achieved after balance of two side pH indicator.

 Dialytic patient can eat sesame seed and the seed of Job's tears

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In the meantime, also the action exceeding filter that through showing film partly two lateral pressure need generation, Fall in love with the sea

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Come washiness passes inside dispel body, blood is dialytic can supersede kidney function partly, the harmful material in cleared blood, the electrolyte inside correct standardized form maintains soda acid to balance mussily, because this calls artificial kidney again.

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