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Say sea urchin believes each person is exceedingly familiar, a lot of people like to eat, but the likelihood is bought every time buying mouthfeel and taste is different, when buying sea urchin actually, also be to have what pick skill certainly, it what kind of sea urchin views together below is good that what kind of sea urchin views together below.

The common sea urchin cent on market is phyletic: Equestrian dung bravery and violet sea urchin, yellow sea urchin. The sea urchin of different breed, seasonal apparent. Violet sea urchin is in summer be in power, 6 to September is its most delicious time; Equestrian dung bravery outshines the rest in 45 month; And Yellow Sea bravery favors winter, arrive from December second year April is optimal sample time.

How sea urchin of choose and buy

Thorn is moved. Awn thorn is protection of sea urchin ego not only ” ballproof garment ” , also be the breathing tool of sea urchin, more important is, the configuration that can prick through awn goes judging the crude vigorous rate of violet sea urchin, those thorn are short and the violet sea urchin that is in trends is born quite usually fierce, more fresh.

Bravery needle, needle stubby is best.

Mouth ministry, freshForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Ministry of sea urchin mouth is plump and somewhat protuberant feeling, conversely defect of following of mouth of Biedermeier sea urchin and color hair is dark, if encounter bad sea urchin, bravery Huang Hui melts away in housing, become Shang Shui, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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And companion has stink of raw meat or fish.

Weight. Sea urchin size is differ, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
69 it is to go up again anthology. Carry sea urchin very simple, thorn is smallish and thick comparison is fat, conversely, grow to affirm finely again again thin. InSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
In violet sea urchin, 69 heavy is ” standard beauty ” , but below the case that agrees in build, it is to weigh better more however.

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Color is optimal. The sea urchin that lives in the sea has 800 kinds about, multicoloured of what appearance have, but the sea urchin that glows normally is poisonous, cannot edible, the quality that color is beige is general, normally the violet sea urchin in dining-room is swarthy, but this kind of ability is true ” immanent beauty ” .

Know get ill by the mouth this truth, so to food we must especially other and serious, choosing alimental moment to also want to master ability of a few methods to buy the food that updates Xian Hemei flavour more especially, to what kind of sea urchin fine introduction is above, we are being bought. WhenShanghai noble baby

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Can choose according to the method above, what the food in living at ordinary times additionally must notice nutrition is balanced.

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