[motility sudden death is not sportive, is precautionary measures done reached the designated position? ] –

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Because they are too young,regretful is. But the sudden death that can say them is overfatigue dies mostly. And sudden death of a kind of motion also is browbeating now the life of a lot of people, that what is motile sudden death? How should we prevent again?

Motility sudden death is to show sex of scar of the 6 inside the hour blame after having some campaign dies. The scholar limits 1 hour of in death after be motion now, because this motility sudden death calls immediateness again,die. Die that is to say those who come is very rapid, the likelihood does not have the evidence of a bit, undertake impossibly also guarding against.

Review the history, the person of sudden death of the first motility calls young soldier Feidipidesi. Greek at that time army is in Athens the martial town of military importance around — the fierce battle that marathon and the Persia army that inbreak launched to decide Greek destiny, after Greek army wins, this soldier acts under orders to go back the good news that the report wins, run desperately all the way, when run to destination, called only ” we won ” , fall down died, to commemorate him, just had marathon from now on project of this international sports.

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