[ran lung is aching] – of origin of _ of _ lung ache

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Wear what people knows to meaning of preserve one’s health to strengthen, exercise the thing that has to people has the law daily, and ran also is becomeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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For the means that people moves, ran is a kind of economy exercises means substantially, can choose to run in him village square, the park that also can choose nearby runs, right healthy very advantageous. But, what reason is ran lung sorely cause? Warm-up should undertake before ran, because breath is undeserved,be met otherwise and cause lung ache.

Ran lung is aching

One, the reason that the lung after causing run is fond of

1, in ran when, breath is inhomogenous, breath was not adjusted good, breathing deepness was not sure good, be in so continuously when longer campaign, can appear breath is hurried, produce a bosom thereby frowsty, breathLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Difficult feeling. When we know ran, should notice deep inspiratory, but often ignored expiratory depth, the lung after additionally the exciting metropolis of cold air causes run aches.

2, it is good that necessary before ran warming-up is done not quite, without the tibial work the body1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Move pull open come.

Ran lung is aching

3, also be to move for a short while likely excessive, do not move at ordinary times, devoid physical training, when motion excessive, cardiac muscle needs to carry much blood to the body, lung should absorb more oxygen, will maintain physical ability, the athletic time that accordingly such neither one have the law and athletic volume bring about all sorts of bodies very easily unwell.

4, lung aches also may be local parenchyma pulls the reason such as the injury to bring about.

2, the measure that the lung after answering ran is fond of

1, the lung after occurrence ran is aching, can drink bit of water appropriately, proper rest observes look.

2, the proper take care after proper motion can alleviate aching.

Ran lung is aching

3, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Accomplish good life as far as possible at ordinary times (little stay up late) , food is used to (eat fat and hot food less) , carry momentum keeps proper.

4, if ache is serious, the proposal goes to normal hospital detailedFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Careful examination, clear disease undertakes specific aim is treated again.

5, the deepness that notices breath when ran, strengthen expiratory deepness. Had grasped the pattern of true sport, according to oneself constitution, have proper campaign.

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