Where does brightness hill breed course of study steeps fall the money of 85% brightness hill goes? Much creditor ” lie gun “

Heaven and hell are reading aloud only between. Industry of brightness hill milk is encountering magnate of area milk estate since holding water the strongest crisis, on March 24, type of diving of share price of property of brightness hill milk steeps fall 85% , market prise evaporates 32.2 billion HK dollar (add up to 28.5 billion yuan of RMBs about) . Although brightness hill breeds course of study stops a card to claim subsequently,answer investor and media to allow to come with be being accused to grandfather group attack, but the message shows, the main reason that orgnaization of water of estate of investment of capital of divert of exceed the time limit of company creditor’s rights, large stockholder, muddy does element of cool one’s heels to become share price to drop greatly, market rumor unable to decide which is right. Reporter of Beijing business newspaper consults relevant data understands, brightness hill breeds estate total assets changes not big case falls, of the company always be in debt in 3 short inside lunar time however increase sharply 20 billion yuan. Where does the money of brightness hill go?

Area tycoon ever weathy

Before share price steeps fall, industry of brightness hill milk is regarded as weathy delegate. Brightness hill breeds industry government information shows, this company is the milk cow with northeast the largest area breeds an enterprise, have grass of nearly 500 thousand mus of clove and auxiliary feed to cultivate base, produce per year 500 thousand tons of milk cow 82 milk cow of more than 200 thousand processing factory of special concentrated feed, blooded entrances, dimensions change self-supporting grass and 6 modern milkings to machine manufacturing base. Be in inchoate, if owner of brightness hill breast sells raw material milk other breast look forward to, 2011, brightness hill breeds course of study beg上海千花社区

ins sortie liquid state to suckle a domain, rolled out milk powder of infant of fully control of first self-supporting grass of Chinese 2013. Rely on self-supporting grass and mode of progress of entire industry chain, brightness hill breeds industry product covers the many products category such as grandma of infant recipe milk powder, liquid state.

Beijing business signs up for a reporter to examine the material that brightness hill breeds course of study is offerred before this to discover, northeastern region market owns line of business of brightness hill milk rate in 20% above, first of market of product of grandma of liquid state of area of firm crouch northeast, among them microtherm yoghurt city is occupied rate for 33% , cling to city of family name grandma is occupied rate more be as high as 39.5% .

As we have learned, brightness hill has more than 50 product line at present, shenyang, bright and beautiful city produces the liquid state of base twice to suckle a project. Have more than 62 SKU, include among them outstanding alizarin red series of grandma of delicacy of grass series, bright doctor, characteristic yoghurt series.

Share price diving is weird cash shedding meets with doubt

On March 24, brightness hill breeds property share price steeps fall, drop to 0.25 HK dollar by 2.81 HK dollar, two many hours, market prise of industry of brightness hill milk evaporates many yuan of 280 RMB, subsequently urgent stop a card.

Media coverage says, on March 23, liaoning province finance does the fuse that creditor congress breeds for brightness hill property share price drops. The message shows, the orgnaization of creditor’s rights of etc of creditor’s rights bank that attends this meeting in all 23. The record of a conference of media exposure shows, brightness hill breeds cause president Yang Kai discloses on the meeting, company assets in all 34 billion yuan, its Central Africa appears on the market the company contains the objective endowment such as fixed assets of beef cattle etc, goods in stock to produce 4.26 billion yuan, accumulative total total assets 38.26 billion yuan. The company is indebted include to appear on the market company 19.95 billion yuan, blame appear on the market company 14.78 billion yuan, the loan outside large stockholder situation 4.1 billion yuan, the supplier owes 3.1 billion yuan, aggregate forty-one billion eight hundred and eighty-two million yuan.

Reporter of Beijing business newspaper consults relevant data understands, up to on December 31, 2016, assets of estate of brightness hill milk is indebted lead 69% , total assets 34.1 billion yuan, always be in debt 21.7 billion yuan. If according to Yang Kai the data of newest exposure is calculated, contrast hind discovers not hard, 3 short inside lunar time, brightness hill breeds the total assets of course of study changes not big case falls, of the company always be in debt however increase sharply 20 billion yuan.

Inside 3 months, brightness hill breeds increase sharply of course of study is in debt 20 billion yuan, the personage inside course of study flowed to where to generate doubt to company assets. Be aimed at this problem, beijing business signs up for a reporter to ever called brightness hill to breed the personage undertakes interviewing related course of study, xin of Zhao of chief inspector of brand of industry of brightness hill milk hands in a requirement to be in with harbor during stopping a card, we have no right to accept interview for rejected to interview.

Besides, the circumstance that brightness hill breeds the share price of course of study appeared to steep fall continuously on March 24, partial investor is disastrous, also market information oppugns brightness hill to breed the circumstance of insecurity of industry capital catenary ought to undertake announcing.

Wang Zhibin of solicitor of office of Shanghai Ming Lun’s attorney is being accepted the reporter tells when interviewing, from the point of legal angle, insecurity of company capital catenary still does not belong to specific need to have the item of exposure. If involve major event lawsuit,do not pass, because cannot pay payment for goods of supply and marketing to be sued, perhaps have the thing that specific need reveals. If be f爱上海同城

inancial strain only, place of neither one time asks to undertake announcing. Share price steeps fall itself can be not claimed, if place of muddy water company says the financial matter that make a holiday is existence, and be maintained in the future if finance affairs makes a holiday, make false statement, here the circumstance falls, it is OK of claim for compensation. To outback investor, if Shanghai harbor opens bid, connect through Shanghai harbor buy share of industry of brightness hill milk, so telling bought outback investor through Shanghai harbor also is to be able to have claim for compensation. Wang Zhibin says so.

The crisis erupts much creditor lies gun

Debt crisis is regarded as to collapse last straw of share price of property of brightness hill milk. A personage inside course of study signs up for a reporter to express to Beijing business, many companies before this erupt completely in the crisis before, can have similar bond beak a contract prevenient, release the signal of contributive gold insecurity, dan Huishan breeds course of study is done not have, called together everybody to attend a meeting directly however. In afore-mentioned Liaoning province finance does take the lead after held creditor meeting, when public figure of bank of a bond is accepting money new network to interview, also disclose, this company often debit interest, but want in the bank plan exceed the time limit when, still always ceased in time again.

Nevertheless, brightness hill breeds the break a contact of course of study also is in anticipation. A personage that approachs creditor’s rights bank tells Beijing business signs up for a reporter, the northeast before this is special the bond such as machine tool of steel, Dalian appears continuously when break a contact, the bond of many enterprises already received Liaoning province area accordingly cold, also mirror a bank already somewhat vigilant.

In addition, industry of brightness hill milk already carried out financing to rent the insecurity of countermeasure amortize capital before this debt crisis comes. On March 17, brightness hill breeds course of study releases announcement to say, abundant of constant of brightness hill of two wholy-owned and affiliated companies of company and industry of brightness hill milk (China) (group of China of hill of brightness of a general designation) as bargainor and tenant and Xuzhou Heng Xin finance rents share to serve as buyer and lessor to sign financing to rent a contract. Rent a contract according to financing, group of brightness hill China sells his to lessor a certain number of property, workshop and equipment, total cash price is 250 million yuan, lessor is answered hire the renting asset such as this to grant group of brightness hill China, lease is 36 months, deal with accrual to lead 6% computation by initiative annual interest.

This is not brightness hill to breed course of study carries out financing to rent first. Reporter of Beijing business newspaper consults discovery of report of this company outstanding achievement, up to on September 30, 2016, industry of brightness hill milk already rented an orgnaization to be hired with be being answered after carry out with 3 tripartite form financing to rent and accessary the form that counter-purchases a choice, signed 5 financing agreement.

But these selling that capital gains breeds to brightness hill the debt of course of study still is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation. Industry of brightness hill milk is accused up to the money annual report March 31, 2016 show, company inside a year (namely before March 31, 2017) due bank loan is 6.948 billion yuan, relatively 2015 money year (2.887 billion yuan) increased 140% . Occupy insurgent news exposure additionally, up to in September 2016, the bank breeds for brightness hill course of study awards letter remaining sum to amount to 14.02 billion yuan, among them credit is avoided assure 1.55 billion yuan, assure loan 10.35 billion yuan, guaranty borrows money 2.12 billion yuan.

Erupt with before this many enterprise of crisis likeness is, many banks become loss is big again.

After brightness hill share price dropped greatly on March 24, the market has a message to say, restful bank is the large stockholder of industry of br上海贵族宝贝交流区

ightness hill milk, hold is latter the share of 25% . To this, restful bank on March 26 evening makes public a response to say, travel and this partner China are restful not the share of industry of milk of hold brightness hill. As we have learned, the connection of industry of brightness hill milk and restful bank depends on industry of brightness hill milk accuse a partner coronal abundant limited company, this company has loan in restful bank, impawn content just is the equity of industry of brightness hill milk. Restful bank expresses, coronal abundant limited company holds some brightness hill to breed estate stock is impawn with its, spend at the specified amount that give a letter was being acquired in restful bank in June 2015, up to on March 24, 2017, the loan remaining sum that is in restful bank is 2.142 billion HK dollar, the share a total of impawn 3.434 billion.

Current, brightness hill breeds course of study already stopped a card, particular case still waits for brightness hill to breed announcement of course of study clarifies, should understanding relevant situation further all right, will adopt each measure to ensure credit fund safety. Restful bank says.

Have market rumor additionally, gong Ling is achieved joined line of business of brightness hill milk 1 billion yuan. To this, gong Ling achieves cast president to express: Did not hold or investment, breed with brightness hill course of study has collaboration of 50 million yuan of bond only.

Entire industry catenary holds dish of safeguard one’s heritage or do poineering work

The backside that confronts debt crisis is the result that brightness hill breeds industry strategy choice is brought probably. Regard the bibcock of northeast milk industry as the enterprise, brightness hill breeds industry is growing a respect to also have the advantage of oneself. As we have learned, northeast area owns relatively high grade grazing land, brightness hill also owns many large grazing land, attribute the position of entire industry catenary, produce oneself sell oneself.

Do not satisfy at slanting to occupy the industry of brightness hill milk of the corner, seeking march other market, but the difficulty of lacteal trade situation that northeast enterprise means to break other area to stabilize is not little however. Last year in May, industry of brightness hill milk is in the factory of Jiangsu salt city put into production, but in Hua Dong market, bright milk industry alone big, the layout of industry of brightness hill milk is not meant can enter easily halt. ” Chinese enterprise signs up for ” the report says, 2014, 83% what light breeds the fresh milk of course of study holds share of market of Hua Dong region; 44% what fresh yoghurt occupies Hua Dong area. Besides light, in Hua Dong industry of milk of market brightness hill still will face Nanjing to defend hillock, Yang Zijiang benefit of lacteal industry, Shandong, Xuzhou is green be good at wait for a series of brands, the position that these brands are in place and no less than light are in Shanghai. Come for years, enter when what landform becomes door order a grandma, send a grandma to door enclosed operation, also can breed to brightness hill course of study permeates Hua Dong market to bring not little resistance.

According to ” Chinese enterprise signs up for ” report, brightness hill liquid state is suckled from November 2013 end begins to walk out of northeast area, completed the preliminary overall arrangement that waits for market of region of new developed area to Shandong, Heibei, Sichuan. Up to by March 2016, industry of brightness hill milk is northeastern 97.24% what the liquid state of 3 provinces suckles sale to occupy liquid state to suckle total sales, and the sale of liquid state grandma that saves in Heibei is occupied than only 1.18% , sale of place experience product is little at 280 thousand yuan, brightness hill breeds course of study walks out of the footstep that go to receive block.

Breed senior analyst Song Liang points out course of study, the progress with downstream industry of brightness hi爱上海同城手机版

ll milk is relatively slow, compare with large milkings enterprise bearing still somewhat difference, milk powder business is occupied smaller, cannot enter the 3rd echelon formation. The business that liquid state suckles basically is centered northeastern with China north area, this brings about brightness hill to breed the dimensions of breed aquatics of course of study centers northeastern region, and liquid state suckles advocate selling a division is Hua Beihe Hua Na, distance northeast region is more remote, the factory strong put into production of Jiangsu salt city, short-term inside the effect is not apparent also, because industry of this brightness hill milk is on development,still face difficult problem.

The adventure of contend estate capitalization

Lacteal industry dart encounters difficulty, brightness hill breeds course of study chooses contend estate market. According to ” Chongqing business signs up for ” report, after the United States will do the buy sky report of company of water of empty orgnaization muddy to announce last year in December, each go to audit investigation before domestic bank, as a result 3 billion yuan of cash invest divert of discovery large stockholder landed,上海贵族宝贝论坛

capital cannot call in, this message divulge causes share price to drop greatly. Connection of reporter of Beijing business newspaper arrives related industry of brightness hill milk personnel, this personnel expresses, do not accept at present interview, can divulge at present the company is run normally only, employee goes to work normally, say network tale is too grim.

Song Liang says frankly 3 billion yuan report caused panic, what financial investigation discovers 15 billion yuan is vacant, the problem is so more serious.

To the enterprise of entire industry catenary, after investing upper reaches, get effective cycle of slow, investment is long, many capital is in by impawn upper reaches, downstream development needs capital to extend likewise, pressure of brightness hill capital cans be imagined. Song Liang expresses, the purpose that invests estate should pass estate seek to arrive to the allowance after the interest namely downstream. But actual condition is investment estate failure however, because this was brought abo上海千花网

ut a series of reaction. Estate market is not stable, can be tightened up by national policy impact, the estate market base of Liaoning is not hopeful, investment fails, very big to the influence of brightness hill.

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