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Many of Indian skilled personnel, well-known. Is Gu Ge CEO the Sangdeer that India descendantses? Pichayi, the CEO Sa Diya of Microsoft? Na Dela also is Indian descendants.

Occupy the Manjijinhui that take an examination of a husband statistic, came 2006 between 2012, silicon Valley in every 10 enterprises, having about 4 author or associated father is ab extra immigrant, among them, about 1/3 is initiate by the Indian.

But, in Silicon Valley scene infinite Indian connects a pretty mobile phone to be built in home however do not come out. Newest report shows, brand of Chinese mobile phone had held the half above of Indian smartphone market.

Chinese mobile phone holds Indian half of country

On July 26, canalys of orgnaization of investigation and study releases newest report to say, this year the 2nd quarter, the phenomenon that dimensions of Indian smartphone market appeared to narrow first, shipment volume is less than 27 million, decreased compared to the same period 4% .

But even if is such, brand of Chinese mobile phone still held the close half of country of Indian market. Millet, Vivo, OPPO, Jin Li, associate brand of mobile phone of the爱上海同城手机版

se 5 China is had in Indian market rate had exceeded 50% . And, canalys ever expressed in the report first quarter, millet hopeful surmounts SamSung to make Indian market the biggest brand.

The data of Canalys says, in share of market of smartphone of India of the 2nd quarter, millet lags behind at SamSung only row the 2nd, occupy 15.5 % , volume of shipment of the 2nd quarter achieved 4.8 million, was last year 4 times of the corresponding period; Vivo is ranked the 3rd, in the shipment of Indian market the quantity achieved 3.4 million the history is highest, occupy 12.7% ; OPPO and associate minute of row the 4th mix the 5th, occupy 9.6% with 8% .

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d rice Note4 below millet banner is the largest, own the market share of 7.5% ; Red rice 4 occupy 4.5% ; SamSung J2 mobile phone owns the share of 4.3% .

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