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Pork liver is we feed capable person one kind very common at ordinary times, and the nutrient value of pork liver is very tall, someLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Be short of ironLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The patient of sexual anaemia, pork liver one day eats a lot of, actually pork liver although nutrition is rich, but also be toxic element, and the content of pork liver cholesterol is very tall, because this is not to suggest those who eat is too much one day commonly, right amount possible, and eat too much to be opposite instead healthy be evil place, it how much that pork liver eats one day is advisable how much that pork liver eats one day?

It how much pork liver eats one day is advisable how much pork liver eats one day

How much does pork liver eat aptly

The amount that takes a pork liver on average everyday can.

Iron of A of 5000 microgramme vitamin, 25 milligram is contained about in 100 grams pork liver, according to our country dweller prandial nutrition guideline is recommended, daily vitamin A recommends the person intake is 700-800 microgramme, iron intake is 10-20 milligram, take its to be worth benignantly, eat the pork liver that 15 grams control everyday, also namely the nurture that the quantity of a pork liver needs with respect to place of enough complement human body is qualitative.

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1, pork liver of heavy metal remain is the biggest detoxify inside pig body implement with poison terminal, enter the poisonous and harmful material inside body, if medicine of a peasant who cultivates or collects medicinal herbs of heavy metal, animal is,be in liver course metabolization, change, detoxify gives put oneself in another’s position side by side outside. When liver the function drops or poisonous and harmful material is absorbed relatively a long time, meet in liver save up these harmful material. Such pork liver eats much can cause a harm to human body health.

2, the content of A of the vitamin in vitamin A toxic pork liver is particularly high, and vitamin A is not to eat morer to had been jumped over. Vitamin A is fat dissolve sex, not easy from the eduction in the body, the likelihood when absorbing excessive brings toxicity, the likelihood brings about skeleton to grow unusual, bigger to the influence of pregnant woman, may affect fetal growth.

3, cholesterol is high pork liver of every 100 grams contains cholesterol 288 milligram, and the person is daily recommend the amount that absorbs cholesterol to be 300 milligram, although cholesterol feeds a guideline to be restricted no longer in new board, but still should control total prandial and adipose absorb, cause an effect possibly to health of human body heart and vessels otherwise, the course of diseases of the disease such as adverse also high blood pressure is controlled.

It how much pork liver eats one day is advisable how much pork liver eats one day

Take the note of pork liver

Need to fry ripe pork liver to had heated when cooking short, cannot kill the certain bacteria in pork liver and helminth egg, accordingly, eat pork liver to cannot be fried too tenderly. Fry pork liver to be not begged blindly tender, otherwise, both neither can go effectively poison, cannot kill bacteria, helminth egg again.

Should not be and vitamin C feeds vitamin C together easy be oxidized to destroy, the oxidation when encountering certain microelement especially is more rapid. Content of element of the copper coin in pork liver is higher, it can be united in wedlock with vitamin C, make vitamin C is lost soLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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function, accordingly, feed pork liver notLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Can take vitamin C at the same time.

Enzymatic preparation drug cannot be taken when eating pork liver kind common enzymatic preparation has much pepsin, pancreatin, amylase, more enzymatic piece etc, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The copper in pork liver but because the acidic groups with enzymatic protein, amino acerbity element is formed sedimentary, affect medical effect.

It how much pork liver eats one day is advisable how much pork liver eats one day

The course immerses ability edible pork liver is the biggest alexipharmic organ inside pig body, the certain toxicant in all sorts of poisonous metabolization child and feed is qualitative, can stay inside pork liver, and via it detoxify hind enters a kidney, outside body of repass pee eduction. The blood that toxin contains in pork liver is stored in the pork liver antrum of tens of thousands of dispersedly, because this buys a pork liver that come to apply tap water rinse 10 minutes, put in water to immerse 30 minutes again, just but edible.

The cholesterol that patient of hypertensive, coronary heart disease answers to feed pork liver pork liver less to contain is higher. If be fed too much, absorbed cholesterol is much, can cause arteriosclerosis and disease of aggravating heart and vessels, because this hypertension is mixed,patient of coronary heart disease should feed pork liver less.

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