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Can come up against various the delicate bowel that bake. The way of the bowel that bake is very simple, if be the word that becomes in the home, need not bake professionally1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Box, pan is OK decoct bakes bowel. Do not want to buying eating word outside, can buy bit of raw material, start work in the home oneself undertake decoct is made. So, how does decoct bake pan bowel? We look below.

How does decoct bake pan bowel

Raw material: Banger 3

Water 1 spoon

Oil 2 spoon


1, take a toothpick or injection, in banger a fine hole is tied on whole casing.

2, the water that adds 1 spoon first in boiler, enter the oil of 2 spoon again.

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3, put sausage, fire shuts small, slowly decoct evaporates to moisture, smell the fragrance of banger, express ripe.

4, with chopstick or spoon, banger of scroll of in a way, let whole banger show beautiful colour and lustre.

5, banger is filled dish, inclined an incision, meat stuffing oily dispenses is sweet juice is full, outside sweet inside tender delicious ah!

How does decoct bake pan bowel


1, the hole is tied on casing, it is to let banger breathe freely; Because of meat stuffing by casing complete encase, and one be heated meets meat stuffing expand, maintain casing broken, meat stuffing comes out with respect to meeting dew.

 2, must turn on the water first put oil again! If put oil to turn on the water again first, add ingle big, spend with respect to meeting oil shallow explode, do the skin, very dangerous! ! !

3, water 1 spoon: Oily 2 spoon; It is decoct outside giving banger sweet inside tender the most appropriate scale. The dosage that does not have oil wants to see banger how many and calm, banger half height is achieved in order to enter to be after boiler commonly accurate; Having a profit so is, the temperature of grease can heat up meat stuffing slowly from outside casing in, and it does not have oil, but when eating, can eat come out light oily fragrance.

How does decoct bake pan bowel

4, what above says is a few banger, when the capacity of banger is much, be about to be used first water is thoroughlied cook or evaporate is ripe, reentry boiler goes decoct, can shorten the time of decoct banger. So simple method, like banger having simmer in water you, return unhappy quick action.

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