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Article introduction

Bovine oil fruit in last few years commonner and commonner, and the bovine oil because of our country basically is if really import from the foreign country, the value of bovine oil fruit is so relative costlier. But the nutrient value of bovine oil fruit cannot be ignored however, and when eating bovine oil fruit, some people must not be become because of the methodShanghai noble baby

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Think bovine oil fruit is very insipid. When eating bovine oil fruit actually if the method is accurate, meeting play gives the special flavor with bovine oil peculiar fruit, and it is very pretty good that use ox oil fries a meal if really, so arrogant what is the method that oily fruit fries a meal?

Bovine oil fries a meal how to be done if really

Basically value

Industry: Kind benevolence contain a lot ofthe factory with be reached adipose, important for important edible oil to useForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Oily, can make margarine and soap again.

Battalion nurturance is divided

Fructification is the fruit with very high value of a kind of nutrition, contain those who abound is a variety of vitamins, adipose with protein, the content such as sodium, Potassium, magnesian, calcium is high also, dish and can also can be made outside dividing unripe fruit edible.

Effect effect

Fight oxygen to fight consenescence: Bovine oil contains rich pleasant oleic acid, protein to reach if really vitaminic, embellish and not be bored with, it is agent of natural the consenescence that fight oxygen, not only can bate and moist skin, still can receive fine fur aperture, skin surface can form lacteal separator, can resist effectively sunshine illuminate, prevent to suntan bask in. Fruit oily nutrition abounds the bovine oil that extracts in nutlet, contain rich vitamin E, magnesian, linoleic acid and indispensible fatty acid, conduce to film of cell of strong pliable but strong, defer the career of cuticular cell consenescence.

Bovine oil fries a meal how to be done if really

Breast enhancement: The not saturated fatty acid with the rich content in bovine oil fruit can increase bosom to organize flexibility, contained vitamin A can promote a woman hormonal secrete, vitamin C can prevent bosom to be out of shape, vitamin E criterion conduce bosom development.

Protection is hepatic: Via considering to discover, the ox contains a likelihood to be able to protect hepatic effective and chemical part in oil fruit, this oneShanghai Long Feng forum

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Discovery will conduce to people inventing new pharmaceuticals, use at treating hepatic disease.

Hairdressing: Pulp of bovine oil fruit and endophilicity of human body skin are good, be absorbed extremely easily by the skin, have stronger absorbency to ultraviolet ray, together with is contained a lot ofLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Vitamin E and carotene, have consequently protect skin goodly, prevent bask in with sanitarian action.

Alleviate diabetic disease: Oily pome flesh contains sugar rate is extremely lowShanghai Long Feng forum

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, contain the 1/5 that candy leads for banana, it is food of diabetic person’s god-given tall fat low sugar, and with peel bubble water drinkable to sugar make waterFall in love with the sea

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Disease has alleviate action.

Protect uterine health: Bovine oil can protect the female’s uterus and cervix health if really, the female eats an ox oil every weeks to be able to balance the estrogen, redundant weight that reduces childbirth generation if really, prevent palace neck cancer.

Bovine oil fries a meal how to be done if really

Baby complementary feed: Bovine oil is good baby if really complementary feed one of.

Bovine oil fries the practice of the meal if really

With makings: Remnant rice, egg, bovine oil cuts Xiaoding, bad news oil, chopped green onion if really

1. is oily, the egg is fried broken, cheng Qi.

The oily boiler above 2. continues, all sorts of turning over fry.

3. enters an egg, bovine oil fruit is fourth, break up fry.

4. enters bad news oil.

Bit of chopped green onion is scattered before 5. gives boiler.

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