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Believe a lot of people are in have at ordinary times had eaten bean sprouts this kind of vegetable, it is a kind of clear hot detoxify and diuretic vegetable, in summer when suit edible most, but when making, very may much person does not know gram bud is in is to need to have scald water, especially of bean sprouts follow be yellow, need to undertake scald water clears more, because yellow is meant above was stained with a bacterium, unfavorable edible, scald water can undertake antiseptic processing.

Bean sprouts is used need not scald water

Fry green bean sprouts to want scald water

Gram bud has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, effect of sober up diuretic, suit summertime edible very much. Gram bud is the commonnest having a way is to fry feed, but a lot of people do not like scald water when frying gram bud1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, be born directly however fry, yu Jiankang of not only interest is fried again after scald water actually, and more delicious. Scald water is can the fabaceous fishy smell of eliminate gram bud and; of green grass flavour 2 it is the brittleness; that can maintain gram bud 3 it is OK purify a few harmful material.

Everybody knows, the green bean sprouts that buys in the market now contains a few additive mostly, so for the angle from safety, we also are should Xian Chao water. In addition, if buy gram bud is more, do not eat temporarily, use Shui Chao, put again last bag is sealed, save time to grow not only, and ringing and fresh and tender, nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year is little.

Scald water method:

Will become Brown root to must want clutch to drop above all, because above touch a bacterium easily, if not purify can quicken bean sprouts corrupt to change. Wash gram bud with clear water next clean, the scald in putting boiled water 1 after coming 2 minutes, scoop, can protect moisture content more so. After accusing to do water, put gram shoot again last in bag, as far as possible the air inside eduction bag, sealed save. Finally, put freezer cold storage again, but had better not exceed two days.

Bean sprouts is used need not scald water

How is green bean sprouts fried delicious

Qing Dynasty fries green bean sprouts

Raw material: Gram bud, dryLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Chili a few, green, ginger, garlic, salt, candy, vinegar.


1, bean sprouts is abluent drop doing reserves.

2, green ginger garlic is abluent, green cuts end, ginger to cut section of silk, garlic, reserve.

3, a few oil pours in boiler, oily temperature rise comes about 5 green ginger garlic and dry chili are joined when becoming heat, explode gram bud is joined after giving sweet smell.

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4, break up equably fry gram bud, molten changes fullyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Bright hind join right amount salt, candy, it is OK to add a few vinegars the acerbity flavour of purify bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts is used need not scald water

5, continue to break up again fry a little while can give boiler.

Beans of green glossy dark greenLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Raw material: Essence of gram bud, shallot, salt, chicken, white sugar.


1, the waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall after gram bud pan is clean is stand-by, the very light blue of shallot is cut paragraph, green blueness cuts chopped green onion.

2, oil is entered inside boiler green paragraph boil Cheng Cong oil with small fire, fire involves after the Duan Wei that wait for green is anxious, fish out green paragraph fill up at dish bottom.

3, gram bud enters green with medium baking temperature nominal stir-fry before stewing is fried a few times in oil, gram bud is broken essence of salt, chicken and minim white sugar are added to break up after be born fry even.

4, close with big firebrand juice chopped green onion is scattered after working, break up a few times to give boiler to install a bit dish.

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