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Article introduction

The fastfood without number of Sichuan, and have distinguishing feature very much, main gust is hemp hot sweet hot give priority to, also have not hot cate, put when Sichuan area has a meal, everybody likes to eat the cate of a few characteristic, because had better not allow to go easily,Sichuan nature is the cate that should appreciate Sichuan and scene, everybody introduction gives a few characteristic cate about Sichuan continous in relief area below, appreciate the gust with different Sichuan.

Cate of Sichuan continous in relief characteristic

Applied introduction

Sichuan is fastfood special love by people, because its oneself is distinctive,be hemp is hot, sweet hot wait for dish to taste gust, the making technology with distinctive together with and its climate environment are multilayer decision. It is gust like highlighting it to be the same as plain dish, choose a variety of dressing and compound dressing not only, and very exquisite flavorring skill, formed a variety of styles. 2 it is to be good at using the boiling water with soup Chengdu fastfood and useful gust, it is to use a variety of raw material and condiment to be boiled meticulously make, shang Nong is delicious. ” Sichuan is fastfood ” the characteristic food that basically is introductory Sichuan, this application basically is introductory SichuanShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Famous fastfood.

Sichuan blade chili

Brief introduction dry chili is fried to sweet fragile hind, cut the blade chili in becoming Sichuan condiment namely into broken end by hand again. Blade chili is the common condiment in plain dish, take bit of sweet hemp, its are hot degree gentle, use at water of chicken of hemp of Sichuan any of several hot spice plants, hot pepper chicken, plain flavour to boil beef, water to boil fish, hemp hot boiling fish, 2~3 big spoon needs to be able to add sweet hemp mouthfeel for dish namely only before having pot.


Bead of Chinese prickly ash of dry chili 100g 21000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
0g rapeseed oil or sunflower oil 1 big spoon

Cate of Sichuan continous in relief characteristic


Heat of small baked wheaten cake of oil of 1 big spoon is joined in boiler, when oily Wen Da is controlled 100 degrees, issue dry chili first (7 stars any of several hot spice plants or breed of 2 twigs of the chaste tree) mix fry 2~3 minute, feel to bead of Chinese prickly ash falls to fry 1 minute again when chili is about to become fragile, time arrivesLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Close the boiler since fire.

Right now chili also should become fragile, time arrives to close fire to have pot (the process should maintain small fire, mixNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Fry chili salt color to become deep, quality of a material becomes fragile, fragile arrive to be held become drossy, close) of the boiler since fire immediately, level them drop in temperature to complete refrigeration.

Refrigeration hind will do any of several hot spice plants of safflower of chili along with to cut broken end with kitchen knife, install container to save can.

Small urge again and again: The dry chili quality of a material after be being fried is very fragile, because this is mincing when end fly easily everywhere medicinal powder, the workbench with proposal larger usable floor area or it is 3 faces that will work rely on a wall, avoid an edge to cut an edge to collect XD to be not collected. . Or it is you also can use recuperation machine to do sth for sb break into pieces.

Sichuan club marvellous chicken


A Jiang Kuo measures drumstick green is right amount Shaoxing rice wine bead of green of bead of 2 spoon white sesame seed is right amount sauceShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Material: Chili is oily 2 spoon Chinese prickly ash 1 spoon chili is broken vinegar of 1 spoon Zhenjiang 2 spoon are sweet Chi oil 1 spoon sesame paste Chengdu of 2 spoon garlic 1 spoon


Ginger section, green is cut paragraph

Boil one boiler water, join green and drumstick, ginger, Shaoxing rice wine to boil 8 minutes

Flameout, lid of the boiler on the lid places 15 minutes, or bubble comes chicken squashy

Cate of Sichuan continous in relief characteristic

Take out put cool, knock with club pat drumstick to loosen to chicken, go bone chicken lacerate

The baked wheaten cake in using heats up boiler, add chili oil, fry sweet Chinese prickly ash

chili oily sift out

Join chili broken, sweet Chi is oilyShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
, Zhenjiang vinegar, sesame paste, a few hot water and garlic Chengdu mix divide evenly becomes sauce

Reach sauce chicken to mix divide evenly

Asperse on green bead and white sesame seed are become namely

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