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Article introduction

Hamburger is a kind of more welcome Western-style hamburger, also be a kind of food that a lot of people like to eat. Of course, also have a few people after buying hamburger, did not eat in time, give its then store rise, stay to edible leaving food. Of course, before eating cool hamburger, it is to need those who heat to give its first commonly. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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So, how to use microwave oven to heat hamburger? Will undertake introductory to this below!

How microwave oven hot hamburger is hot

One, how does microwave oven heat up hamburger

Microwave oven heats up the word of hamburger, do not put hamburger into microwave oven directly, the intermediate meeting of such hamburger is parched, time became long may hard bite is not moved. Microwave oven is put to heat after must wanting to pass hamburger processing, heat commonly time is medium baking temperature one minute, the hamburger that such heat come out just won’t work. Of course, because hydrosphere cannot be given off, the hamburger that heat comes out can haveShanghai night net

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Bit soft cave in.

The processing technique is:

1, the paper that uses hamburger pure Baimo design or last cloth is wrapping film or wet drawer to put heat of wave of in a subtle way, colored paper is heating color may let be stuck on hamburger in the process.

2, put hamburger in the bowl, water of drop a few, the cap on the lid, put microwave oven.

How microwave oven hot hamburger is hot

2, of Leng Hanbao heat means

1, microwave oven heats law. Put hamburger in the bowl, water of drop a few, the cap on the lid, put microwave oven, medium baking temperature a minute can.

2, a pot for steaming food heats law. With last fort of velar bag brave man, put on evaporate drawer, evaporate heats a few minutes can. But such heating that can make absolutely hamburger molten.

3, oven heats law. hamburgerShanghai night net

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Put oven, 200 degrees are baked 3, 4 minutes can.

How microwave oven hot hamburger is hot

3, microwave oven heats up dish note

1, the messtin that should choose to suit microwave oven to heat, such messtin can be made clear ” microwave oven is applicable ” model of written characters.

2, do not heat overtime. Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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If hot food is placed did not take out in 2 hours of above in microwave oven, had better not again edible, prevent to cause toxic.

3, top should be built when heating, prevent moisture to evaporate, withhold mouthfeel as far as possible.

4, do not use close container, lid cap also should remember leaving the hole that aerate, cannot come loose otherwise hot, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Can make force of container internal pressure exorbitant, vapour can be cap inside microwave oven the top flies. Manage together, if take the egg of housing to wait,be the; that cannot heat up and heat when the potato, banger food that brings a skin, must plunge into a few alveolus with fork or knife first.

5, use last when film, heating its had better not let direct contact food; in the process before taking out food, but will last velar thorn is broken, in order to avoid it sticky go up to food.

6, in soup kind when heating, want every other one minute to take out soup mix, make be heated even, also avoid soup juice to splatter.

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